Homemade Skyflakes Tuna Nuggets

Hello there! For today’s post, I will share to you one cheap food recipe that I have learned during this lockdown.This dish has been circulating online for quite some time and few of my friends have already made this easy recipe that can be a ‘pulutan‘ in your ‘inuman‘ sessions or an ‘ulam‘ when youContinue reading “Homemade Skyflakes Tuna Nuggets”

#DomCooks: Chicken Wrap

Hi everyone! Since it’s long weekend and feeling productive, I was able to play again in our kitchen yesterday and decided to make a wrap! So… I made homemade tortillas that I copied from Taste of Home, Garlic Mayo sauce & Chicken breast with spices hehe. For the homemade tortillas, I combined 2 cups ofContinue reading “#DomCooks: Chicken Wrap”

#DomCooks: KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)

Korea has a special place in my heart. And recently, I saw several videos and posts of people making Korean Fried Chicken while on quarantine. So, out of curiousity, I made my own version of it. For the chicken, make sure that the size is quite smaller. One of the issues that I encountered whileContinue reading “#DomCooks: KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)”

Sundays with Dom

Sunday. The day that I always look forward to. I don’t know why but every Sunday, you must be extra special in everything most especially in cooking. Maybe because my family is complete and only every Sunday, you will eat ‘real dishes’ since most of us are working and studying during weekdays. Also, I getContinue reading “Sundays with Dom”

My own version of Pork Adobo

Adobo is one of Classic Pinoy ‘ulam’ and easiest dish to cook. Everytime we ran out of recipe, my father would suggest to cook Adobo because my adobo was one of the best Adobo that he ever tasted. (Wow?) So now, I will share it to you how to make my own version of PorkContinue reading “My own version of Pork Adobo”

Dalgona Milo

I am writing this post right after I have made this drink. Haha. Earlier, I scrolled through my phone to search for some easy dessert recipes that I intend to make while there’s an ongoing lockdown in our area. Unfortunately, I could not find anything interesting so I continued scrolling. While doing so, I foundContinue reading “Dalgona Milo”

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